Titles of Reign 4



The Unity of the Arch

The 4th Imperial House
Imperial Sovereign Court of Surrey - The Empire of The Peace Arch

Reign Colors  Black White & Grey

Most Imperial Sovereign Majesties

Peace Emperor and Arch Empress 2

Vacant & Alexis Dupree

Reign 4 Titles and Court

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Alexis Dupree 

The Black Sapphire Crystal Phoenix Arch Empress 4

               His Most Imperial Sovereign Highness Zach Flash-Storm               

Imperial Crown Prince 4


Dean of the College of Monarchs

His Imperial Sovereign Majesty Martin Storm - The Canadian 1

The Survivor, Peace Emperor 1

College of Monarchs
The Czarina to the Imperial Sovereign Court of Surrey- Paige Turner, Emperor and Empress 1- Martin & Taylor Mayd Storm, Emperor and Empress 2 - Sir Robert Mayd Boyz & Rose Royce Ryane,
Emperor and Empress 3 - Sir Scott Rhode & Onya Marx BD

Council of Imperial Crown Princes and Princesses
Imperial Crown Prince and Princess 1 - Bruce & Melissa Mayd Storm, Imperial Crown Prince and Princess 2 - Wayne & Amanda Luv,
Imperial Crown Prince and Princess 3 - Eric Divine and Elektra Quecha


Invested Titles

Her Imperial Highness Desiree                                   Imperial Princess of Surrey

Her Imperial Sovereign Majesty                                  Empress 4 ½ US The Lovely Suzanne

Her Imperial Sovereign Majesty                                  Empress 4 ½ Canada Mz. Adrien


Imperial Grand Czar                                                    Robert Loewen

Imperial Grand Czarina                                               Amanda Luv


Imperial Mother and Father to Empress 4                  Bruce and Melissa Mayd Storm

His Imperial Highness Steve Gelhorn                         Imperial Prince Ambassador to Tri Cities and Maple Ridge

Her Imperial Highness – Helen Bygrave                       Imperial Blood Sister to the Crown Princess                        

Imperial Count of Aldergrove                                      Joanne Carey

Imperial Contessa of Aldergrove                                Rose Royce Ryane

Imperial Prince of Voice and Sound                           DJ Larry

Imperial Prince Ambassador to The Atlantic Coast   Nathan

Imperial Princess, Ambassador to Vancouver           Kamelle Toe

Imperial Prince Royal                                                  Lawrence Frame

Imperial Princess Royale                                            Robynn Frame

Imperial Prince of Abbotsford                                     Richard

Imperial Princess of Abbotsford                                 Allan

Duchess of Newton                                                    Trish

Imperial Youth Prince                                                  Ian

             Imperial Youth Princess                                              Andrea            

Imperial Cocktail Maker to Reign 4                        Darshun Hall

Imperial Party Palace to Reign 4                            Fireside Cafe

Appointed at the 2nd Annual Empress Tea
Lord and Lady Wonderland - Taz and Paige Turner

Brother and Sister Courts
Brother Courts
Bellingham , Wa
Chicago, Ill.

Order of Surrey - All Members
Dusty Ryane, Robert Loewen, Mz Adrien,  Krisstail Jive/Kris of her, Peter Storm & Betty Desires,  Dave Smith, Steven Smailes, Robert & Taylor Mayd,  Barry Nichol, Lyle Sandy, Amanda Mayd Divine Luv, Wyldar Luv, Erica Divine, Gerri Lake, Hell -on Heels, Cory Yanciw, John D, Madison Lane Weston, Michael D, JD Rene, Paige Turner, Bruce Antecol,  Beverly X,  The Lovely Suzanne,  Rob Surreal, Rhani D'Chea, Scott Rhode, Onya Marx, Secret Desires , Meme Jenkins, Timm Lake, Brad Atkins, Martin Storm(Seattle) Stingray Slaughter, Sinnaman Snapp, Bruce Coddington, Jeff Kirkey, Michael Duarte Sousa, Katriona Yen, Jimmy,Eugene, Nancy, Mercedes Redding, Vince Rexxx, Robynn Frame, Mz. Rhonda, Milo