Elegance of the Arch - Reign 5 Titles


The Elegance of the Arch

The 5th Imperial House
Imperial Sovereign Court of Surrey - The Empire of The Peace Arch

Their Most Imperial Sovereign Majesties

Absolute Peace Emperor and Arch Empress 5

Wolfgang Bang & Elektra Quecha



Reign 5 Titles in Ascending Order as Presented at Investiture

Honorary Titles


Dame Edna - Edna Leyland

 First Knight of the Realm - Sir Arthur Leyland

Lady of the Endearing Heart - Clara Thomas

 Lord of the Stolen Heart - Virgil Thomas

Imperial Absolute Diva - Jackie A Go-Go

Lord Hopkins - Craig Hopkins

Lady Hopkins - Nancy Hopkins  

 Lady Nathanson - Aly Nathanson

Sue Smyth – Lady Smyth

Russ Smyth – Lord Smyth

Lord of the Moonlight - Ken McNeil

Lady of the Starlight - Ramona McNeil


The Fleur-de-Lis Lady -Sabrina Ho

Lord of Hopes - Glen Davies

Lord Clef - Larry Szunyik

Lady Clef - Jane Szunyik


Lady of Blinding Illumination - Starr 69

Lady of Allure - Raye Sunshine

Lady of Distinction - Raigen Dee

Knight of the Realm - Brent Wildefyre

Knight of the Realm – “Keeper of the Hide”, Artemis Ryder

Knight of the Sword - Micael Byron Skold

Knight of the Shield - Davyd Eide-Hvaal

Guardian of Hopes - Bruce Godstone Rose

Guardian of Dreams - Mona Regina Lee

Lady of the Moment - Sinder Starr

Protector of Fantasies - Kamelle Toe

Guardian of the Rainbow - Paige Turner (THE Czarina of the Court of Surrey)

Lady of Distinction - “Protector of the Black Onyx” - Richelle Van Wah Rhinestone

Lady of Distinction – For Service to the Empire - Iris Higginbotham

Lady of Distinction – For Service to the Empire - Amanda Higginbotham

Les Grandes Dames Consignment - Imperial Supplier of Style

Sungodz - Imperial Supplier of Sun!

The Fireside Café - Imperial Supplier of Cheesecake

Upper House

Count of Green Timbers – “Keeper of the Den” -Robert Loewen

Rear Admiral For Life - Martin Storm ( Emperor 1 of Surrey)

Count of Montecrisco –  “Keeper of the Black Leather Path” -Robert Vant Hof (Emperor 2 of Surrey)

Countess Nightingale Betty Desires (Empress of Bellingham)

Chevalier  - Boyd Divine

Lady Chevalier, the Dame! - Erica Divine (Empress 28 of Calgary)

Viscount - Steve Von Wrap

Viscountess - Plastika Von Wrap

Earl of Luxury - Bruce Coddington

Earl of Class - Taz

Earl of Grandeur - Glenn Anderson

Earl of the Western Shores Levi (Nikki Johnson)

Lady of the Eastern Shores - ayla Vie (Joni Howe)

Earl “of the Golden Note” - Brandon Lanoue

Earl of Skye – “Guardian of the Winds” - Don Dickson

Marchioness - Faye Ramones

Duke of Liechtenstein - Steve Gutentight

Imperial Grand Marquis - Dion Lanoue

Imperial Grand Marquesa - Trish Lanoue

Imperial Grand Czar - Bob Bucklew (Omaha, Nebraska)

Imperial Exalted Brother to the Emperor - Danny Delissio (Emperor 17 of Regina)

Imperial Exalted Sister to the Empress - Marni Gras (Empress 33 of Edmonton)

Imperial Exalted Sister to the Emperor - Leah Way (Empress 30 of Edmonton)

Imperial Exalted Sister to the Empress - Aleksa Manila (Empress 35 of Seattle)

Imperial Exalted Sister to the Emperor - Dyna Myte (Empress 30 of Calgary)

Imperial Exalted Brother to the Emperor - Peter Thibeault (Emperor 2001 of Connecticut) 

Imperial Exalted Sister to the Empress - Kiko Amore (Empress 2001 of Connecticut)

Imperial Exalted Sister to the Empress -Jaylene Tyme (Empress 35 of Vancouver)

& Winner of Imperial Amazing Race 2008!

Royal House

The Enlightened One - Mr ted northe

Imperial Grand Duke “The Reflection of Truth” - Jo Harley Bang!

Imperial Grand Duchess “Keeper of the Feather of Truth” - Rose Royce Ryane (Empress 2 of Surrey)

Prince Eagle Feather – “Guardian of the Two Spirits” & Brother to the Emperor

Vince Rexxx (Mr Gay Vancouver 24 & Past Chief of the GVNCS)

Princess Aqua  Robynn Frame

Prince Helios - Max Bylander (Mr Gay Vancouver 27)

Princess Aurora - Dena Szunyik

Queen of the House of the Rising Sun - Makaz (Empress 25 of Hawaii)

 Father of Reign 5 - Sir Scott Rhode Bang! (Emperor 3 of Surrey)

 Mother of Reign 5 - Onya Marx (Empress 3 of Surrey)

Imperial Youth Prince - Ian Rhode Boyz

Imperial Youth Princess - Francesca Chanel

Imperial Prince Royale - Kirk Sabre

Imperial Princess Royale - Visa Declined

Imperial Crown Prince - Ethan

 Imperial Crown Princess - Melody Bang!

Emperor 5 ½ US - Larry Stewart Ryan (Emperor 32 of Seattle)

 Empress 5 ½ US - Madeline Feinstien (Empress 27 of Nebraska)

 Emperor 5 ½ CDN - Wolfgang Von Bearstein (Emperor 30 of Calgary)

Empress 5 ½ CDN - Mz Adrien (Empress 27 of Vancouver)