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Their Imperial Sovereign Majesties

Peace Emperor and Arch Empress 7

Martin & Rose

Stepdown Book


Emperor and Empress Regent were place on the throne

Emperor Regent Martin Rooney (Storm)

Empress Regent The Surreal Rose Royce Ryane

April 14th

In accordance with our by laws and the Proclamation of 2008 by Queen Mother Nicole the Great, it is announced that Emperor and Empress Regent have all rights and privileges to the titles of Emperor and Empress 7


Lords and Ladies inducted November 20th 2010

Sir Colin Palmer & Lady Melanie Normand, Sir Murray Ingenthron & Sir Glenn Anderson, Lady Susan Crape, Sir Maxwell Bylander, Sir Duane Rose, Sir Larry Szunyik, Lord Yoskue and Lady Fancy DesRoches

Honorary Lords & Ladies - Sir Michael Sean Morris & Lady Heather Weatherly, Lady Sinder Starr.

Youth Lord - Marvinne Caba & Lady Vanessa Burt

Also added - Youth Lord Byron Boyz

Appointed Ambassadors to Reign 7

Bellingham - Peter Storm.

Vancouver BC - Jaylene Tyme

Las Vegas - Carlotta Stollengoodz R.I.P.

Eugene - Daphne Storm

Halifax - Nina Diamonds

Omaha - Madeline Feinstein

Spokane - Rob Surreal

Edmonton  - Leah Way

Portland -  Stephanie Foxx.

San Diego - Lala Too

Winnipeg - Stephanie Lane Barr.



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