International Court System Parliament



The International Court System Parliament
Founding Session in San Diego Ca 2008

Mission Statement
(formally adopted in Fresno at the 2010 session)

The International Court System Parliament is representation of a partnership of charitable, tax-exempt, non-profit organizations/societies that is dedicated to promoting empowerment of people, continued support to local communities and respect for cultural diversity.
The Parliament focuses its funding on committed, grassroots organizations that rely strongly on volunteer efforts and where the Parliament support will make a significant difference.
The Parliament is an international partnership of individual social and community service organizations and non-profits bound together inshared structure, policies and goals serving Canada, United States and Mexico.

Officers of Parliament
Speaker of the House - AJ Turner (San Diego)
Prime Minister - Nathan Page (San Francisco)
Deputy Prime Minister - Bruce Coddington (Surrey BC)
Secretary - Devun DeVasquez

Surrey Member of Parliament - Doug Klein
Surrey Alternate Member of Parliament Robert VantHof

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