Empire of the Peace Arch Monarchist Association


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OIS Rainbow Cultural Society 

Surrey HIV Aids Awareness Week


EPAMA Board of Directors etc.

The Society will be governed by an Elected Board f Directors & College of Monarchs of the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Empire of the Peace Arch, Surrey BC Canada

Exec Board Members

President of the Board of Directors  Mel Gill
V. President of the Board of Directors Joanne Carey    
Secretary of the Board of Directors  Melody Dickson   
Dean of the College of Monarchs Vern Eaton - aka Taylor Mayd

Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Regular Board Members

Chair of Council of Gays Alan Bygrave - aka Plastika Von Wrap
Memeber at Large  -Bruce Coddington
Events Coordination - Wayne Steel aka Onya Marx
Membership Chair -Linda Mitchell aka Rose Royce
Emperor   Wolfgang Bang!
Empress - Elektra Quecha


P.O. Box 33557 Central City PO - Zellers

10151 King George Hwy, Surrey BC V3T 5R5 Canada

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Empire of the Peace Arch Monarchist Association
Registered in Victoria as a Non Profit Society
January 21 2008.

This Society was born from the OIS Rainbow Cultural Society
The GLBTQ community is expanding that allows for diverse communities to support other organizations specific to their needs.

The Mandate of the Empire of The Peace Arch Monarchist Association is as follows 

(1) undertake the study of and play roles of the Monarchy

(2) to educating the community in general about how the Monarchy works.

(3) by playing the game of Court the society is mandated to raise awareness of the GLBTQ community

(4) fundraise for charities within its Empire as mandated in the attached by-laws.

(5)  to study heraldry, issue proclamations and titles as in an Empire or Court under the UK/Russian Historical Courts.