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Scholarship Fund

In 2003 the Barony of Surrey Delta created the Turner Boyz Scholarship Fund for youth entering continuing education following high school.

It was later renamed the OIS Rainbow Scholarship Fund and in November 2007 became under the OIS Rainbow Cultural Society.

Over the years some (up to and including September 2008) 15 scholarships were given out totalling some $10,200.

A balance of $1800 sits in trust of the current administrator OISRCS.

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This is the history of
  • The Original Out In Surrey (O.I.S)
  • Out In Surrey - Rainbow Cultural Society (O.I.S.R.C.S.)
  • The Barony of Surrey/Delta
  • The Imperial Sovereign Court of Surrey - Empire of the Peace Arch (I.S.C.O.S.E.P.A.)
  • The Surrey Youth Alliance
  • Surrey Pride
  • The General G.L.B.T.Q Communities in Surrey & Surrounding Areas

In January 1998, Martin Rooney, Rob Loewen, Linda & Dar decided to have the first ever Surrey Gay Dance and put on a successful Valentine's dance in February of 1998; as a fundraiser to benefit the "Bigots Banned Book Defense Fund".  This Fund was established to assist in the court case regarding the Surrey School Board, banning the use of 3 "gay" themed books from Grade 1 curriculum.

Little did they know then, that as more dances were held, more people became involved, and more fundraising was done.  The first dance would ultimately see Surrey gain a principality, Gay titleholders, and a non-profit society known as Out in Surrey, Rainbow Cultural Society, and get established as a Barony and ultimately obtain Imperial Sovereign Court status from the International Court System.  O.I.S.R.C.S was also responsible for getting the first ever Gay Surrey Pride Day/Weekend proclaimed by Surrey City Hall.

Numerous charities have benefited from Surrey's GLBTQ Community fundraisers, including Breast Cancer, Flame of hope, HIV/Aids related Charities, Djeaf Mahler Food Bank, Aids Tijuana, Youth Scholarships and the establishment of the Surrey Youth Alliance weekly Drop-in Centre.   The community continues to seek opportunities to expand its horizons and development of the G.L.B.T.Q community in Surrey and the Lower Fraser Valley. In November of 2007 OISRCS divided into 3 separate societies - EPAMA, SYABC & OISRCS.

History in Point Form

1998 Martin Rob Darlene Linda held 1st GLBTQ dance

Feb 14 @ Greek Orthodox Church Hall 160th St./84th Ave. under the banner of OIS
July             1st Surrey Pride Dance Held @ Sullivan Hall

1999           Empress of Canada presented OIS the custodians of Principality of Surrey/Delta with Martin Rooney as Crown Prince for Life
June              1st Surrey Pride BBQ/ Festival and Dance - Sullivan Hall


 January saw the 1st Mr. & Ms. Gay Surrey Pageant
 July                2nd Annual Surrey Pride Festival & Dance 1st Fundraiser for AIDS Tijuana Project - $2500 raised
August 11     OIS Rainbow Cultural Society Formed


January         2nd Annual Gay Surrey Pageant
March           Abdication of Crown Prince and closing down of the Principality
 May              Barony of Surrey Delta given by International Court System and Martin was elected the first Regent by the board      until we could establish the details for the Barony and elect Baron and Baroness 1
July             3rd Annual Pride Festival and Cruise


January         3rd Annual Gay Surrey Pageant and 1st Annual Baronial Ball
July              4th Annual Pride Festival & Cruise
October        2nd Annual Baronial Ball
Surrey's First GLBTQ friendly licenced venue opened -CHUBBBS then renamed Buddy's.
November    1st Annual Surrey HIV Foodbank Xmas Drive


January          4th Annual Gay Surrey Pageant - The first female elected titleholder in Surrey. The first time that Mr. Miss and  Ms Gay Surrey titles were filled  
February       Turner Boyz Scholarship Fund created - later renamed the OIS Rainbow Scholarship Fund           
July                4th Annual Pride & Cruise
October         3rd Annual Baronial Ball
November     2nd Annual Surrey HIV Foodbank Xmas Drive


January           5th Annual Gay Surrey Pageant
July                  5th Annual Pride Festival -
(Vancity became the first business financial sponsor of OISRCS for Pride and Coronation)
 May                Barony granted Imperial Sovereign Court Status by the ICS - founders of the ISCOSEPA acknowledged as Martin, Robert, Mel & Wayne
 October         1st Annual Coronation Ball
 November     3rd Annual Surrey HIV Foodbank Xmas Drive


January           Founding of the Surrey Youth Alliance by the Imperial Sovereign Court and OISRCS
                         6th Annual Gay Surrey Pageant
 May               1st Straight to Drag night to benefit the Walk to End Breast Cancer
 July               6th Annual Pride Weekend  - 1st Annual Bowing in your P.J's

October         2nd Annual Coronation Ball


January         7th Annual Gay Surrey Pageant
June              1st Annual From the Greens to The Pink Golf Tournament to benefit Breast Cancer

July               7th Annual Pride Weekend
September   3rd Annual Coronation Ball
December     1st Annual IPP NYE Fundraiser


January         8th Annual Gay Surrey Pageant
June               2nd Annual From the Greens to The Pink Golf Tournament to benefit Breast Cancer

July              8th Annual Pride Festival
September  4th Annual Coronation Ball – Empress  November   Emperor Martin Rooney refused entry to the US due to HIV - OISRCS decided to service the community better by separating into 3 independent organizations


January         Empire of the Peace Arch Monarchist Association became a registered non profit in BC
                     9th Annual Gay Surrey Pageant
February      10th Anniversary of the founding of the GLBTQ community of Surrey - 1st Annual Surrey Idol Contest and the 1st Annual Fresh Produce Drive for the Surrey HIV Foodbank

March           EPAMA, ICS & Egale Canada joined with Martin in his fight to change the US law regarding HIV travel ban in the    USA.
April              Surrey Youth Alliance Society became a registered non profit in BC
June              3rd Annual From the Greens to The Pink Golf Tournament to benefit Breast Cancer

July               9th Annual Pride Festival - US HIV travel Ban Lifted with signing of the PEPFAR Bill by G.W. Bush.