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Welcome to the Home page of the Imperial Sovereign Court of Surrey


With the belief and support of the International Court System, we became an Imperial & Sovereign Court effective October 2nd 2004, and joined Vancouver as the only other city in the Province of British Columbia that has an Imperial Sovereign Court.

On October 2nd 2004 - the first Coronation Ball was attended by some 17 visiting courts from throughout Canada and the United States and was a very successful Coronation Ball. The event was also attended by the Founder of the International Court System - Her Majesty, Empress 1 Jose - The Widow Norton who officiated in the crowning of  the first Elected Emperor and Empress  -  Martin And Taylor Mayd Storm, who stepped down on October 2nd, 2005, and became members of the College of Monarch's 

Our 2nd Reign came to a successful close at Coronation 3, "Stars - A Toast to the Future".   H.I.S.M. -  Emperor II, Sir Robert Mayd Boyz & H.I.S.M. -  Empress II Rose Royce Ryane; along with H.I.S.H. - Imperial Crown Prince II, Wayne Steel & H.I.S.H. - Imperial Crown Princess II, Amanda Luv Ryane stepped down on September 30, 2006.  With this Robert and Rose also and became members of the College of Monarch's.  Robert was also elected to the position of Head of the College of Monarch's. 

The 3rd Reign began when we saw the crowning of H.M.I.S.M. - Emperor III, Sir Scott Rhode & H.M.I.S.M. - Empress III, Onya Marx B.D.  The Monarchs then added to our Imperial Family by appointing their Imperial Crown Prince and Princess at Victory Brunch the next day.  H.M.I.S.H. - Imperial Crown Prince, Eric Deman Rhode & H.M.I.S.H. - Imperial Crown Princess III, Elektra Quecha Luv join our newest monarch's in the newest reign,  3.

The 4th Reign came in when we saw the Crowning of Empress 4 H.M.I.S.M. Alexis Dupree and right after we took a whole new historical approach by having the 2nd Candidate for Empress announced installed and Crowned Imperial Crown Princess 4 - H.M.I.S.H. Plastika Von Wrap. They chose the theme of the Unity of the Arch, and the goal for Reign 4 is to re group, rebuild and grow the Imperial Sovereign Court. Emperor 1 Martin Storm - The Canadian 1 was elected Dean of the College to steer us through this next phase. Unfortunately six months into the Reign for personal reasons the Imperial Crown Princess resigned and the board decided not to replace the title. We had the honor of a State Visit from the Queen Mother of the Americas 1, Empress Nicole the Great. Emperor Martin was presented the first Imperial Order of the Double Eagle Award for his work on drawing attention to the US HIV Travel Ban.
During this Reign we separated from the OIS Rainbow Cultural Society and founded the Empire of the Peach Ach Monarchist Association.
The Society was confirmed by Victoria January 21st 2008,

At Investiture the titles of Imperial Crown Prince and Empress 4 1/2 Canada and Empress 4 1/2 US were installed. The individuals invested in these titles for personal reasons were unable to fulfill their obligations, so effective Feb 6th 2008 replacements were named by Imperial Decree of Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty, Alexis Dupree, Empress 4. H.I.S.H Zach Flash-Storm was appointed Imperial Crown Prince and HISM Mz. Adrien, Empress 27 of Vancouver was appointed Empress 4 1/2 Canada. These individuals will be officially invested at the beginning of the scheduled Court event on February 23rd hosted by Queen of Hears Faye Ramones.

The remainder of the reign is being dedicated to Literacy and developing a partnership with local businesses to re instate the fresh produce deliver to the Surrey HIV Food Bank.

Reign 5
September 27th 2008 saw the crowning of Peace Emperor and Arch Empress 5 - Wolfgang Bang! & Elektra Quecha. We begin the Reign of the Elegance of the Arch

Reign 6
September 26th 2009 saw the crowning on Arch Empress 6 - Plastika Von Wrap. We began the Reign of the Treasure of the Arch. Unfortunately due to serious health issues Empress Plastika resigned the title August 2010. The year was completed with the support of the Co Imperial Crown Princesses - Erica St. Asia Divine & Joycelynn St. Asia Starr.

Reign 7                                                                                                                                                                                              As we had no candidates the College of Monarchs decided that it would represent the court for the year until we could restructure and present viable rules and by laws to encourage more active participation of the community and membership. Through this process it was decided to move the annual Coronation Ball to May commencing in 2012. Monarchs Regent were placed on the throne during this interim period. Emperor Martin and Empress Rose were seated on the throne and they appointed Duane Rose and Susan Crape as their Imperial Crown Prince and Princess to serve through Coronation 8. Regent Reign 7 has had amazing success and support of the community. This process presented and approved unanimously a new set of By Laws to govern EPAMA.

Reign 8


Membership in Empire of the Peace Arch Monarchist Association & the Imperial Sovereign Court of Surrey is $5 per year per person!

All memberships are due on or before Investiture. You have to be a paid member in good standing to vote at the AGM of EPAMA.

To arrange your membership please email  EPAMA

Current Reign X

The Song of the Arch

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