Empire of the Peace Arch Monarchist Association


The Logo for the Empire of the Peace Arch Monarchist Association
designed by
Mr. Rob Neyts & Mr. Sterling Hargitt
March 2009


Key things for us in this logo were:

 - The best, most eye catching logos are simple ones that hold enough detail to make them interesting when large, and yet cohesive and understandable when small.  They blend different elements into a single message but one that can have many layers to it.

 - Colour choice, the symbolism of each colour, with an eye to the costs of printing items in full colour.  A few colours stood out from the images coming to us from the different ages when monarchies were the norm.  From Roman times on, a deep rich purple was the colour to show status within the Empire, and remains the designated colour of the European royal families that we emulate.  Black for the indelible rules that we obey.  Red has always symbolized passion, action, and caution as well for we need to consider our actions as they can affect others.  Red is the colour of the Russian Czars and their courts that we also study, though that is a history we do not want to repeat!  Blue for the calmness it brings, the idea of water and sky, and the history of it in preceding reigns within our realm.  Green for the very organic nature of it…all that encompasses change…like the plants through the seasons but always growing into something productive.

 - When you stand at the Peace Arch you look UP at it.  That is the view for all us mere mortals.  When the sun rises it shines up and over the arch and rays seem to be coming out of it and radiating outwards.  There are many examples of this powerful image on the net that influenced the placement of the arch.  The entire design and placement of the real Peace Arch were carefully done to enhance that experience. 

 -We chose to have the purple and black radiate from the centre to show the many different people, directions, and paths that make up our future and to remind us that each view has its place.

 - The last couple of Emperors have chosen the Ceasari Coronet as their crowns.  So that went in as an idea of permanence and history.  In Roman times, the coronet could only be worn if you had done something of high value for the Empire and were awarded a Triumph.  This is the very nature of “worthy for office” and speaks of the quality of leadership needed to stand at the helm.  It is always shown upside up as it is worn that way. It's like a horse shoe...put right ways up so it traps good luck.  A subconscious understanding similar to Feng Shui.  The leaves that grow from the banner into two branches are going upwards into the basking light of a perfect day.  Two branches like arms open to welcome and hold you safe.

 - Banners obey the force of gravity (even in cartoons and tattoos) and pull downwards at the ends.  This “rule” if you will, made for an interesting negative space at the bottom of the logo.  This upward curve “replaces” the missing part of the coronet at the top.  The EPAMA name is on the bottom to anchor the design and once again show weight and permanence.  Your eye is to be drawn to the other areas of the design first (71 circular vectors all facing into the center of the design were used, with full forced perspective on the Arch and Crown supporting a single point in the middle).  The name is there, but not in your face, because the idea of our organisation and its actions are much more important than the name alone.

- Gold is the main colour scheme after the royal purple to show how priceless service to our community is.  Like gold, how rare it is to find people willing to give so much of themselves to others in their community.

- Everyone comes with a preconceived notion of what a monarchs crown will be.  They are heavy, solid, jewelled and stand for a long tradition of bending one's knee to the final authority within the realm.  Solid GOLD, the most PRECIOUS of things decorated with jewels in RED for the PASSION we serve our cause, PURPLE as the very colour of ROYALTY for over 2,000 years, BLUE for the WATER that flows around our realm and the SKY that arches overhead.  GREEN for the perfection of NATURE and our desire to share the land with others, the very symbol of growth!  Each of these colours is on the crown at the core of this design.

- All of this done in a form that could easily be transferred from digital on websites, to print on documents, to sewn patches, metal inserts in our medallions, and ultimately turned into cloisonné pins (that require few colours and metal borders to be made).

Inspiration for the design came in a flash for Rob and the ideas flowed.  Each aspect was discussed, tested, colour shifted or rotated….each element coerced into the final place to get a flow that was so much more than the sum of its parts. 

Each step needing a finesse and polish to make it fit.   When an obstacle came up with executing the design, both of us used our skills to overcome it and get an image we are happy with.  We hope you like the logo and are proud to have something unique represent our Society.

Rob Neyts & Sterling Hargitt